Bands You Should Know…

… but probably don’t.

This isn’t one of those snobby, nose turned up at the modern music world sort of things. Just some bands that aren’t well known that I particularly like and think other people would like too. Click the band names to see a sample of what they do.

Solillaquists of Sound

This is a really smooth hip hop group. Not normally my kind of music, but by the strength of the above song (“Look”) alone, I was interested enough to check them out. Solid stuff all the way through, and “Look” is one of my absolute favorite songs I’ve ever heard. Seriously, go to their site and read along with the lyrics. It’s worth it.

Gentleman Reg

Another song I fell in love with on the first listen. The fair-voiced Canadian singer-songwriter always makes it work, even when the lyrics are sometimes weak. Also check out “To Some it Comes Easy”, “We’re in a Thunderstorm”, and “Rewind”.


Saw these guys at a bar a little while back (just to sound like a complete musicdouche), and really got into their live show. Any band that has several capable vocalists always grabs my attention.

Archie Bronson Outfit

I literally came across Archie Bronson Outfit by accident, because a friend had a song on her computer that had no filename, and it became our mission to figure out who the hell it was. Turned out, it was a weird little group that had already put out two albums with a third on the way. After listening to a few more, we were hooked. Mostly really catchy music and bizarre vocals that fit the sound. Sometimes really paying attention to the lyrics doesn’t help these songs out, but so what. Other good ones: “Bloodheat” (the one that got us on the case in the first place), “Dead Funny”, “Dart For My Sweetheart”, “Shark’s Tooth”, and “Hoola”.

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